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Just random stuff. [December 11th|4.43pm]
Got this off of Meiken (sorry ._. i dont know how to do them link thingies ^^; )

A.) First, recommend to me:
1. a movie
2. an artist (books or comics)
3. a musical artist, song, or album

B.) I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions. Ask me anything you want. No kidding, ANYTHING, I'll give you the absolute honest truth.

C.) Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything.


I will name 5 fandoms. You tell me what character from that fandom I am most like, then copy and paste this to your journal. If you don't know the fandom, comment on the ones you do know.

1. Tenshi Ja Nai
2. Kamichama Karin
3. Loveless
4. Spiral
5. Princess Princess

*edit* sorry copied and pasted this straight off and forgot to put my ow answers in ^^; will edit it and do my own now.
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Haha XD [November 28th|6.07pm]
This is just fantastic:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Ayaogicesthime sent to me...
Twelve treijims drumming
Eleven loveablenekos piping
Ten kanharus a-leaping
Nine rebecky_mos dancing
Eight geeq_chiqs a-milking
Seven thetrinilifes a-swimming
Six megalo_companys a-drawing
Five ki-i-i-ittyfos
Four konrankonekos
Three rongers
Two animals
...and an anime in a taishi_sama.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Got the link from Lovableneko's journal.
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New Comm [November 1st|5.38pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Long time no see :D

well anyway.. came to post telling people that i have opend up a new comm, i have somebody eles on this list that likes Tsuki ni Ookami to so that is mostly one of the reasons as to why i am posting this X3


I serousley need to find myself a profile for this comm though...

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[June 25th|2.21am]
Sorry for the sudden pop up ^^; heh.. i got to start (or carry on?) from somewhere, even if it has been a long time.

anyway i was so proud of my new artwork i got to show it ^W^ its the first devation in my main gallery in a long time now (last devation was my wallpaper and a few icons i made)

Merman Ko and his little Imoto Meri-na <3
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hmm... [October 4th|10.59pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I think i will design my Gaia profile for halloween, i started to think about it when i went up to the toilet just now but i dunno i will maybe have to draw a special pic or so.. and i dun wanna do that.. it wont go as planned and the pic would be for nothing...

or maybe i could go surfing for something? but again i rpoberly wotn find anytihng i will like... right.. i think i will.. i jsut have to sit and think on what to do...

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not my day [September 25th|3.28pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

waah first off the computer wouldent turn on (the button got pushed in so hard by my mum on Saturday, but manged to get onto the comp up untill this morning when i turned it on for the first time the comp button been broken.)

strangley enough thought when i cam down stairs and checke dthe comp again it was turnned on O_o;; not complaining tohugh, obusley(sp?) if you press then leave it, it will work or sometihng *shrugs* *sigh* but how will i turn it on in the future now? -_-;; think the button is pushed further in..

ah well... hope sometihng good happens soon, i sure hope i can get sound back today or tomorow.

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back to normal [August 1st|1.28am]
In fact i got over the whole incedent a few days after the hacking, ^_^
i have changed some of my details aswell, on places and will not rise my name up on anything eles again, so if i havent done it yet, i will be as soon as the next time i go to that place.
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[July 23rd|12.48am]
shit..i feel sick... i think i got hacked, i think i might of not, i think this product hs more than likely tricked my parents or sometihng, and if it hasent... then hell... i even stopped going onto FF cause of this.. pls dont let my sacrifces be in vain.
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icon Icon ICON ^O^ [June 4th|2.08am]
[ mood | tired ]

heh long time no post eh ^^;

thats what happens when i join up to lots of things.. i already got a DA and Gaia journal as it is ^^ but i will try and see if i can post here (i posts down at DA cause im used to it, plus i got attention down there to, not that im seeking for attention >>;; just well.. its pointless writing a journal eally if nobody will see it isent it? ^^;;;

anyways ''YAY'' upload of my icon ^o^
finally O_O teehee ^_^ a sorta Aoyagicest icon to to fit my name, at firs ti was gonna draw a special one... but that'd be practally impossible ^^; (lots of reasons) all i needed really was a Seimei and Ritsuka icon ^_^

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Hello [April 20th|3.39am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

well~ here we are ^___^

just joined up tot his place, hopefully i will figure it out alot more easier than my other one ^__^

well i hope to join all the clubs that i want to join here and make friends to ^__^

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