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ayaogicesthime's Journal

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Well lets see now im a 21 year old english college student, my interests is anime/manga and drawing and going on the computer is my hobby.

i also likes Aoyagicest to (hence my name XD although.. its spelt wrongly due to intiative backfiring on me ._. )

oh and if you cant tell already i like BL/yaoi to and anything that comes into anime to (like the weird pairings and such.) and no its not because im a shounen-ai fan eithier, i likes all that kind of stuff weather its BL or not so YEA I HAVE READ ANGEL SANCTUARY SUPPORTS SETSINA x SARA AND IS PROUD!!!!!

oh.. did i also mention i HATE homophobes and people who try to change peoples opinions or dislikes/hates them for liking something to whats up with you guys anyway? -_-;;

Also Loveless mood themes belong to sun_soraya
animals, anime, conyuu, drawing, manga, music (specifically anime music), renai, shonen-ai